meet the new boss

December 5, 2007

Once I get a job I tend to stick around for a while. I worked at the Youth Shelter for 12 years, took a part time job for 2 years while I was finishing up school, moved out here, switched careers from social services to technology and then worked my next job for 7 years.

When that company lost its funding and I got laid off , you can imagine that I was a little outta practice with searching for a job. And I’d like to attribute the first job I landed to that inexperience. It was a programming job with an ad firm that I didn’t realize was over run with born again Christians, until a couple weeks into the gig, when the owner stood up at the holiday dinner and gave a long and enthusiastic “in Jesus name” prayer. Holiday my ass – it was definitely a Christmas party, and the look on Rachel’s face could have killed me. As soon as we left and got into the car she told me to quit. I did; it just me another 4 months to leave.

But the timing of my exit was great, because at the point I’d finally had enough of the obvious mismatch Rejuvenation was looking for a front end web programmer. Talk about night and day. I couldn’t have found a bitter fit. I love what I do, I really enjoy the folks I work with, and I feel good about the company. With any luck, Ill be around for another long spell.


Test this comeback

July 28, 2007

Ok it’s a comeback.


Hello world!

July 28, 2007

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