go ducks

January 11, 2011

Sure. Why not?! I’m not a big college football fan or a big Ducks fan, but I find myself checking the score and thinking it would have been fun to have gone some where and watched it, which I guess I still could. It’s not quite half time. I don’t have any green and gold though. Or is it green and yellow? I wish I had whatever it is, just so I could take a photo of myself decked out all Duckish and needle some of my friends, who seemed freaked out about the hullabaloo over the game – specifically all the accouterments of fandom.

I’m kind of amused by their discomfort, which I’d attribute, at least in part, to living in Bloomington for 3 national basketball championships, and a couple close calls. But also, my uncles and grandfather watched a fair amount of football and growing up, I loved the Steelers, the Vikings and the Packers. Vince Lombardi dressed just like my grandfather did, which I thought was pretty cool and for a while there was nothing I liked better than seeing any team beat Roger Staubach and Dallas Cowboys.

The other thing I thought, was oh well their loss. I mean my friends. Being a sports fan can be as fun as getting dressed up for Halloween or watching a season’s worth of old Star Treks or going to a ginger rally. I don’t really care that much, although I am streaming the game.

I guess the truth is that since I moved out here, it’s not been as fun to be a fan as it was back in Indiana. It’s super hard to watch IU basketball games, as Dave knows. I ended watching the Colts in the Super Bowl by myself. I guess I need to become a soccer or a baseball fan. Pro basketball is too expensive and too ego driven and growing up with IU bball, the pros was never my thing, except when Reggie was sinking all those threes and trash talking Spike Lee. Man, that was fun.

Ducks are down, but here’s hoping for a rally.

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