September 29, 2011

Last day in NYC.  How can that be? Every time I come to New York I always feels like  there’s more to see and do no matter how much we saw and  did and we did alot. We took a ferry. We went to Ellis Island. We ate excellent soba. We walked across the Brooklyn bridge. We walked from the east village to the west village, twice. We saw a friend do stand up comedy. We drove up the Hudson and stayed with my dear friend in Tivoli. We walked through the San Gennaro festival. We had a drink at the Players club. We went to MOMA and saw the de Kooning retrospective. We went to the Met and saw Lucian Freud collection. We got caught in a down pour and I got absolutely soaked. It took 3 days for my shoes to dry out.  We had good bahn mi. We ate in China town twice.  We checked out the Dumbo Arts Festival and walked through the Brooklyn Bridge park where we saw 2 or 3 wedding parties getting their photos taken, one of which culminated in a parade like dance with a drumming. We had over hyped ramen. We had surprisingly good Indian. We went to Dia: Beacon and saw Sol LeWitt, Louise Bourgeois, Agnes Mardin and Richard Serra’s massive steel sculptures. We saw walked the Highline. We saw a fashion photo shoot. We rode an elevator with Uma Thurmon. We sat in Union Square. We sat in Madison Square Park.  We walked in Central Park. We ate lunch in Battery Park. We read the Sunday Times in  Thompkins Square. We listened to a jazz quartet and someone playing a baby grand piano in Washington Square. We checked out Occupy Wall Street at Liberty Square. We went to Blue Stockings and bought zines. We saw a good gay movie. We visited the Cloisters. We rode the bus and got stuck in horrible midtown traffic because Obama was in town to give a speech at the UN. We rode the subway. We took a taxi twice. We shopped, but not very much. We went out to brunch. We heard people speaking French and Spanish and Italian and German and Chinese and Hindi and other languages that we couldn’t pick out.  Our waiter at the Indian restaurant said his wife was visiting from India for and  for the first  time he was was going to meet his son, who was almost a year old.  We had really good Cuban food at this hole in the wall that we ran across when we were really hungry and tired. We met people who had lived in Portland and knew people we knew. We saw a rat and two black squirrel and a bunch of east coast blue jays.

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