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May 22, 2008

Yesterday RU told me I’ve been seeming sad, angry and disappointed lately. Hard not to chafe at that, even if it rings true, or maybe because it rings true. I know I’m in an uncomfortable place right now and part of what’s going on is cultivating the willingness to be uncomfortable and I imagine that at times that’s not super pleasant to be around. I’ve been thinking about Dave’s comment on my incubating post, reminding me about needing “a way to make it back to that center while you explore the fringes. Call it a mantra, home(’centering’ spot), or even people in your life that drag you back – kicking and screaming from the focus of discovery back into the wonder of being.”

I’d love it if more than one of those people lived here in Portland. Please don’t mistake this for a pity party as that’s not my intention. I’m just in this in between spot that’s a little lonely. Cause since I’ve been out here I’ve gone after a number of friends that don’t quite fit and right now I’m really looking for connections with more resonance. Most of my resonators are hundreds if not thousands of miles away and I hope you know that you are sorely missed.

I really loved Silvia’s recent post and how it reminded me of lots of things, one being that everything changes.

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