Learning Agreement Hs Pforzheim

September 25, 2021

If you need a signature for your Bafög file, please send it as a scan to aaaout (at)hs-pforzheim (dot)de. We will send you the signed document by e-mail as soon as possible. Please inform the Academic Office Abroad (aaaout@hs-pforzheim.de) immediately that you should not be able to travel abroad. Cancellation of your host university will be taken care of. Therefore, start preparing your learning agreement with your faculty and the higher education coordinator in good time. Once your faculty has signed it, also send it by e-mail to the office abroad: aaaout (at)hs-pforzheim.de. Please submit your final report to the Aliens Office (aaaout (at) hs-pforzheim (dot)de). If you wish to study abroad and extend your stay by an additional semester, this is possible in consultation with the partner university and the University of Pforzheim. In case of interest, please contact the Academic Office Abroad (aaaout@hs-pforzheim.de). Before you leave, have your learning agreement signed by the partner university and send your fully signed learning agreement to aaaout (at)hs-pforzheim (dot)de.

Two steps are required to obtain this final authorization:. Erasmus support will no longer be supported by the Academic Office Abroad from the 19/20 winter semester. Please inquire here about the exact process. The University of Pforzheim has already given you a commitment for an exchange place in a partner university. In order for you to present yourself at this replacement location, you still need the official admission of the host school. We advise you to register during the electronic registration of Germans abroad (Elefand). This will allow local diplomatic and consular representations to make quick contact, if necessary, in crisis and other exceptional situations. Travel expense assistance: Students who do not receive assistance under the above-mentioned programs can apply for a travel grant. Some partner universities require students to have a “Transscript of Records” in English.

You can create this transcript autonomously via the online student systems – be sure to change the page to English. In the coming weeks, you should inquire about the offer of courses in the host schools. Indeed, some host schools therefore ask for the application for admission which courses you wish to follow. This includes the question of which courses you can get recognized. Before leaving, please present the Service Authorization Form to the Studi Center. Important note IB: a stay abroad is mandatory for students of the International Business program. For registration, there is a “foreign module” audit performance. In order for it to be registered, the “Learning Agreement/Transfer of Credits and Grades” form for students in these courses must also include the “foreign module” and be recognized by the Dean. Where greenhouse gases are emitted or avoided is not a climate determinant. Therefore, emissions produced at one location may also be offset by savings at another remote location.

Congratulations! Before you go abroad, the next registration process at your host university is coming. Click here to learn all about the next steps. If the partner university requests a letter of nomination or selection, we will issue it for you. You can also go to the Academic Office Abroad to sign your application forms…

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