Marie Curie Grant Agreement Number

September 26, 2021

According to the grant agreement, beneficiaries must ensure that researchers have free access to the background and new knowledge to enable them to develop their work under the project. However, these access rights are granted on a “needs” basis, which means that they should only be granted if they are necessary for research to enable researchers to conduct their research as part of the project. At that time, the MSCA offers scholarships at all stages of the career of researchers, from doctoral students to experienced researchers, and promotes transnational, intersectoral and interdisciplinary mobility. To guarantee the accuracy of the certificate and allow us to verify the information with that contained in our database, the information provided in the application form must be 100% correct to obtain the certificate. This is alarming in industries where CAD is facing new challenges posed by rapid point detection, big data and mobile computing, but also in robotics, simulation, animation, manufacturing and manufacturing, where CAD strives to meet crucial social and market needs. The challenge for ARCADES is to reverse the trend of the CAD industry, which is lagging behind mathematical breakthroughs, and develop the next generation of CAD software based on strong foundations of algebraic geometry, differential geometry, scientific computing and algorithm design…

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