Sahtu Dene And Metis Final Agreement

October 5, 2021

It was the failure of a 1988 agreement in principle in favour of a broad focative claim, which culminated in the Sahtu Dene-Métis Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement in 1993. As part of the FSGA negotiations, the parties will negotiate other important agreements and plans, including: since 2003, the Tulita Yamoria Community Secretariat has been negotiating on behalf of three organizations subject to the new agreement: Fort Norman Métis Community, Tulita Band and Tulita Land Corporation. CONSIDERING that on 13 January and 11 February 1994 the Sahtuen Tribal Council approved certain amendments to the Agreement by resolution; A final agreement would be reached by the Tulita Yamoria government, an indigenous government capable of collecting taxes and managing services. (b) to provide the specific rights and benefits of this Agreement in exchange for the waiver by Sahtu Dene and Metis of certain rights invoked by the Treaty or by other means in any part of Canada; “You don`t have to give up other rights to have a self-management agreement,” Hardy said. “The self-management agreement has already been paid for many times and we have paid a high price. So no more renunciation of any rights, period. Last August, the Norman Wells Land Corporation and the territorial and federal governments initialled the principle of the proposed agreement. (i) allow the Sahtu Dene and Métis to negotiate self-management agreements. AIP was signed in September 1988. A final agreement was initialled on 9 April 1990. “We won`t negotiate until we have these changes,” Hardy said, “and if that means there will never be an autonomy agreement, there will never be an autonomy agreement.” The agreement provides for the recognition of Sahtu Dene and Metis` ownership of 41,437 km² of land in the Mackenzie River Valley. These include underground or mining rights to 1,813 km² of land. The Sahtu Dene and Metis of Tulita are also negotiating their own self-management agreement.

Since the municipalities of Norman Wells and Tulita are both in the Tulita/Norman Wells district of the Sahtu Settlement Area, they have jointly established an “administrative line” to delimit the geographical scope of the jurisdiction of their autonomy and to provide social programmes and services. . . .

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