Go Obama/Biden*

August 29, 2008

Stayed up to watch Obama’s acceptance speech last night. Good stuff. Although Bill still gets the highest marks from me. The former President knows how to do it. He makes it look like the most natural thing in the world. What a gift, man. But anyway, Obama still gets good marks. And I’d love to see if this guy really can be at the forefront of issuing in a new era of government. Wow, wouldn’t that just blow everyone away. But I’d sign up to work as part of that government.

I watched this convention mostly because it was so historical and that in and of itself did provide some unexpected inspiration. To see so many women and African Americans on stage, not just as tokens, but as integral party members, was moving. Looked more like my world looks, minus raging queers. In fact, queers seemed suspiciously absent, unless I missed something, which is quite possible. I did find myself having a couple disassociative moments at the end of Obama’s speech when he called for compromises on abortion and gay marriage. A reminder of my still marginal status here in the US, being a dyke and having a uterus. For some reason it made me feel even more pissed and sad coming from the mouth of someone who should understand how much it sucks to be marginalized. I get it though. It’s about the economy and the war and global warming and I don’t wanna be a wedge issue on either side. Plus, I’m not a one issue voter, even if discrimination against my person, in the form of separate but equal marriage laws is complete and utter bullshit that pisses me off to no end. That’s why the asterisk’s up there. I just wanna say to the Dems, you owe me, ya know.

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