December 27, 2007

A few thoughts on some of this year’s serious films.

  • Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead – A bit of a modern day Shakespearian tragedy. Great film.
  • Gone Baby Gone – The first half is really good, but then the story falls apart, which I assume is Dennis Lehane’s fault. Stiil, worth seeing.
  • The Assassanation of Jesse James… – Like a painting. Plus Brad Pitt’s acting (with more than 30 films under his belt) lends some proof to the theory that practice can make you better. Not great, mind you, but better. See this one on the big screen.
  • American Gangster – Montage plus soundtrack is not a substitute for actual narrative and actual acting. Had potential, but boring. Wait for the DVD.
  • I’m Not There – Yes, Cate Blanchett should win the academy award. It’s ambitious, and I want to love it, but I keep forgetting I saw it. A little fragile to hold your full attention on the small screen.
  • Michael Clayton – Hard not to like anything with Tilda Swinton. The ‘practice theory’ I mentioned in reference to Brad Pitt holds for George Clooney too. I ask myself if the film is mysogonistic and I duuno. See it for yourself on DVD.
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  1. ned says:

    i’ll have to check out the others, but i agree with you on American Gangster. I probably enjoyed it the first time it came out when it was called “New Jack City”, but that one was funnier (unintentionally). Hard to take this version as a morality tale when it made being a drug-lord look so fun.

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