December 1, 2008

A couple hours before sunset the grey skies gave way to blue and now the hues of the what will soon be dusk are visible. This is the kind of thing for which Portland is so perfect. Outside my window the world is lit up pink. Pink with bursts of orange and red because it’s been so warm here this fall that many of the trees that were the last to change colors are still holding on to their leaves. This is the stunning part of Oregon’s nature that I can be myself in. Maybe because it’s nature all hemmed in by roof lines and brake lights and power lines. But it’s living art, I think. And because there is so much quiet in my life right now I’ve got the chance to notice it happening. To sit on my stoop and be in it as it unfolds. Amazing.

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  1. peptide says:

    I envy you that sunset immersion. Knoxville had glorious orange sky sunsets too – one thing I miss about the place. Here I sometimes get glimpses of brilliance, but our apt. isn’t well situated to take in the sky.
    I was thinking about college recently, remembering something I used to wonder in my lost 20s period – if I should have gone to college elsewhere, in NYC instead of B-ton. It occurred to me that, aside from every other difference, I wouldn’t know Ned and through him the whole extended Tanque group, esp. the people like you I’d never have met otherwise. Something to be grateful for.
    Onward and upward!

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