the life part of life and death

February 13, 2009

Everyone in my family is grieving differently, although my sister and I share a little more common ground in that we both are my father’s children and that legally it has been our responsibility to take care of the business of his death. I have to stop sometimes and imagine my mom’s grief. My father was the only man my mom was married to and after they divorced they remained friends.  She knew him for something like 56 years. And she likely knows as much about his life as anyone, even as he part and parceled it out amongst various groups of people over the course of his 83 years.  In many ways she is like his widow. The last time we were all together as a family was to celebrate a milestone of being alive — my mom’s 75th birthday. My dad spent a good chunk of time with us during our short visit.  And that was sweet. It felt good, that family feeling.

I also celebrated a personal milestone this week. After putting in some crazy hours for the last month and a half, we launched a redesign of my work’s website.  Our brand has a new point of view and the photography is really the star piece. This is the first time I’ve seen my own design work go live such a big project. To be fair I worked in closely with the Art Director, but the concept was largely driven by me. And of course I wrote some ass kicking CSS/XHTML.  It was incredibly satisfaying work.  Incredibly. Satisfying.


3 responses to “the life part of life and death”

  1. ned says:

    The new website looks great! Looks like a huge project to deal under any circumstances. Hope you’re holding up okay.

  2. pep says:

    It does look great. I’m getting a little education in architectural styles looking through the catalog.

  3. liz says:

    thanks fellas. the work was actually a good distraction from death. for the most part. a satisfying way to make a difference. and now it’s mostly death for week. back in the homeland

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