December 16, 2009

Last week we had this arctic blast here, at least arctic for Portland. It was down in the low teens, which is the kind of weather that makes me want to cry when I’m riding my bike, especially into the wind. I rode one day; froze my hands and feet and my face went kinda numb. Thawing out at my desk, everything fucking hurt. Bad. I thought about the Donner party and was amazed that any of them ever made it out alive. I’d have cired myself to death and someone would have eaten me. I drove my car the rest of the week.

I woke today up to rain and temps in the low 40’s and was like helleluja Portland winter. Yes my feet were soaked, even with my booties on and yes, it took all day for my gloves to dry out, but I’ll take it.

Likely, I’ll be complaining about the rain in a week. That’s what we do here anyway. But I loved feeling like it was not a big deal to get on the saddle and brave the elements this morning.


4 responses to “perspective”

  1. ned says:

    Yeah! I’ve been lame about riding my bike lately, mostly giving myself permission to drive cause it’s been so cold. I miss biking, but not enough, apparently, to actually make it happen.

  2. liz says:

    The pain that comes with biting cold wins over the missing part. the only thing that wins over the missing part is dogmatism or not having a car.

  3. RU says:

    Let’s just have one car!

  4. liz says:

    That is either one sure fire way to lose weight or to cause some arguments or both.

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