Simple Consulting Service Agreement Template

October 8, 2021

The Advisor agrees to make available to the Client its expertise in all matters relating to [the scope of advisory services] (the “Advisory Services”). As part of configuration services, the company: [What you do for them]. The parties acknowledge that the client owns all proprietary rights in a work product that results from the consulting services, including, but not limited to, copyrights and patents. The advisor undertakes not to assert such ownership of the intangible assets created, to the extent that the services he has provided to the client before or after the completion and delivery of work to the client. CONSIDERING that the client wishes to use the company`s services to provide services for financial services training modules; Here are the basics of a simple consulting contract – a competent consulting contract contains the following details: If you are interested in setting up or developing your own consulting company, sign up for our free webinar and find out how our students receive between 30 and 50 consulting clients each month in ticket with predictability on the dollar and the day. Both parties – consultants and companies – may exchange confidential and sensitive information during the term of the contract. Who should the information be? That`s why today we provide you with the optimal consulting contract template for 2019. This standard consulting contract defines the legal relationship between a company that provides consulting services to another in the province of British Columbia, but it can be used anywhere. Feel free to adapt it to your contractual needs and use it.

Keep this in mind, though; It`s always a good idea to have a contract checked by a lawyer before signing it. The parties agree that all disputes relating to this Agreement and all rights of the Customer to the return of funds paid to the Company will be dealt with in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. In particular, if the Customer cancels credit card payments upon the expiration of the legal three-day notice period provided for in this Agreement, this Agreement is immediately terminated, and the Company reserves the right to contest such cancellation and sue the Customer for funds already provided to the Company for services already provided but not paid for by the Customer due to such credit card cancellation. . . .

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