Unihockey Gentleman Agreement

October 13, 2021

The Kloten-Dietlikon Jets also see the deal as a chance that hiring foreign players will be made more selective in the future. Recently, Trachsel was not too bad to respond to anonymous criticism on the forum of the largest Swiss hockey magazine “unihockey.ch”. He suggested to critics a meeting for a dinner to explain his club`s philosophy and strategy. If Trachsel reads the forum`s contributions, he`s having fun, but “some also hurt because the accent is poorly chosen,” he says. The fact that Zug United`s teams play at the highest level in all youth categories, that the U21s led 1-0 against the winner of the GC qualification before the interruption of the season and that the Swiss invest a lot of money in the offspring, including in the contributions of the forum. “In the meantime, my wife and daughter are preventing me from continuing to read what is written,” Trachsel laughs…

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