World Financial Group Associate Membership Agreement

October 16, 2021

After obtaining the provincial licence, the employee must fax a copy of the licence issued to the WFGLicensing Department 416-225-2109. Once WFG has scanned a faxed copy of the license and forwarded it to Transamerica, the associate`s MIA is approved and he/she is also automatically contracted with Equitable (without further contractual documents). 7 L. Associate acknowledges and agrees that all deliveries, including but not limited to prospectuses, mecommissioners, visual aids, sample plan forms, manuals, statistical and business training and/or recruitment materials, documents and brochures provided by WFG to Partner, are and are the property of WFG and will be returned to WFG immediately upon request. M. Partner shall comply with the terms and restrictions of use contained in any license or other contractual agreement between the owners of third-party computer software and WFG under which WFG has obtained the right to use such software. Partner further agrees to comply with the terms of any license or other contractual agreement that Partner must enter into with a third-party computer software owner. N. The partner must not violate the commitments. III. Compensation of the employee A.

The Partner acknowledges and understands that the Partner only derives income from the sale of the Products and Services and that no revenue is generated by the Partner for recruitment or is paid to it. The sole remuneration of the shareholder under and during the term of this Agreement shall be commissions paid by WFG under this Agreement or paid by WFG and paid in the manner set for in these Partnership Agreement Policies and Commission Plans published by WFG from time to time and subject to the Terms. Preferred companies are generally not required to pay the associated money. There is no guarantee that the partner will be financially rewarded solely by joining the Global Financial Group. B. WFG will publish, from time to time, the Guidelines of the Partner Agreement and the Commission`s plans relating to the designation of distributors, performance standards, commission rates of WFG or preferred companies and other matters relating to the terms of member remuneration. WFG may, from time to time, in its sole discretion and without notice, increase or decrease the employee`s commission rates and amounts or the employee`s sales position; provided, however, that such changes are only forward-looking, but may affect new business and commissions subsequently earned on existing transactions. C. The Affiliate acknowledges and agrees that the Employee`s commissions are part of WFG`s commissions and that the Employee`s commissions are earned and payable to the Partner only after all of the following events: i) The order or request for products and services submitted by the Partner, is accepted and approved by WFG or a preferred company at its registered office, or by an authorized WFG agent; (ii) the actual payment thereof has been made by the Customer and received by the Customer; and (iii) WFG has actually received payment from the WFG Commission of a Preferred Company, if any (subject to the terms of this Agreement). .

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