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November 13, 2009

v is for veterans

November 12, 2009

My dad was a WWII veteran. He served as a combat Marine. Fought in Okinawa and then was dispatched to Northern China for occupation duty. Chang Kai-shek became one of his heroes. I’ve heard his friends call him an Old Breed Marine. He joined the Indiana National Guard in the 1960’s and served for 25 years. We buried him with military honors.

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a few more things i like

November 12, 2009
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things i like

November 9, 2009

I read this short story by Amy Hempel that blew me away — In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried. Near perfect stuff. She worked with Carver’s editor, Gordon Lish. If’ you’ve not read her before, you’ve really got something to look forward to.

If you’re a Portlander and you ride a bike, I’m officially endorsing City Bikes as the best repair shop in town. REI is great because it’s open late and there’s this one guy who really know what he’s doing and he’ll fix what needs fixing and not try to sell you a bunch of other crap.But he’s not always there. City Bike has just always done me right. Plus it’s a collective.

Some favorite tracks from 2009.

  • Sheila – Atlas Sound
  • Tunguska – Cymbals Eat Guitars
  • Northern Lights – Bowerbirds
  • Island, IS – Volcano Choir
  • I Poke Her Face – Kid Cudi
  • Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear

message in a bottle

November 5, 2009

Ever since my dad died I keep waiting for him to show up somewhere. It’s this absurd thing you do when you grieve. You look for hidden messages in songs and poems and tv shows and things your neighbor says and how the weather’s changing. It’s all fair game; anything can be a conduit. I prefer dreams. They seem to have the most obvious potential.

The funny thing is there’s no message in a bottle; all the the things my dad never said when he was alive he’s never going to say now that he’s dead.

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