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July 28, 2007

I’m a Hoosier expatriate living in the great pacific Northwest, an almost entirely alien landscape to me. I’ve been nursing a crush on NYC for a couple years now, but the country roads of southern Indiana will always be my first love.

When pressed I mostly identify as a nice midwestern guy, but if you saw me you’d probably say to yourself, “butch dyke”, unless you work at an airport where I’m almost always called sir. And all of that’s ok.  Hmmm, I guess that makes me a queer.  I’m down with that.

My primary interest in blogging is to practice writing and stay in touch with friends, but as a web developer and self professed geek, I’m drawn to the medium.


3 responses to “About proteanme”

  1. an admirer says:

    I have mixed feelings about the internet, blogs, and all that — the usual cliched arguments about whether living one’s life so (quasi)publicly truly connects people or rather simply satisfies our voyeuristic/exhibitionist urges in a more cerebral manner than reality TV. I found your blog by googling the member name you chose for yourself on a queer matchmaking site (but I suppose you can track that, or part of it, anyway w/o my saying so..?), and after perusing your blog, and looking at your pictures on flickr, I began to feel like an e-stalker, rather than a harmless insomniac. But perhaps my feelings stem from some irrational neo-Victorian sensibility that i need to outgrow, for after all, you chose to put yourself out there like this, and somehow i doubt I am your first admirer to post a reply. At any rate, I’d feel even weirder if I didn’t post something, so hopefully I’ve amused you at least slightly (and if not, in my defense, it is around 4am)…

  2. frantelope says:

    this project is amazing!
    i love not only the reprint of the letters, but then your thoughts/writing in response to them. it’s like a correspondence in reverse/going against the time/space continuum!!!!!!


  3. proteanme.com says:

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