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October 1, 2008

A little taste of what it looks like to bike in Portland.

I uploaded some photos from the rest of the summer and short backpack trip up to Indian heaven.



September 3, 2008

I went to the Oregon State Fair last Friday.  It was more like a country fair on steroids than it was a statewide event.  Certainly not like Indiana’s.  And probably not like Illinois’ or Iowa’s or Ohio’s either.  It had the strangest combination of food.  Not a giant tenderloin in sight. And even if there were a variety of things on a stick, like corn dogs and berry kabobs, as well as some fair classics, like elephant ears, soft serve ice cream and grilled ears of corn, I was thrown off by the Thai and Hawaiian food booths and the one serving the yakisoba noodles just seemed out of place.

The animal barns were pretty good though, what with the goats and pigs and pygmy goats.  I got to feed apples to a long horn cow and her calf and talk to a women who was raising some call ducks that had been hatched and looked after by a chicken.  Pretty cool ckicken, man.

As fas as I could tell there was not a demolition derby, but there was a rodeo.  And that was fucking cool.  I saw a little barback riding, which was insane and then watched about 20 minutes of  tie-down roping. There is nothing more butch than a cowboy on his horse roping a calf, throwing it to the ground and tying up its legs in 7.1 seconds.

Finished off the night with Willie Nelson, who played for at least and hour and half. Sang every classic, voice sounding as good as ever, made a few jokes, jammed on his guitar and threw his bandana into the crowd.  I’ve missed seeing so mnay icons when I heard Willie was coming this yea, I said to myself no way am I gonng miss seeing Willie one more time.