Go Obama/Biden*

August 29, 2008

Stayed up to watch Obama’s acceptance speech last night. Good stuff. Although Bill still gets the highest marks from me. The former President knows how to do it. He makes it look like the most natural thing in the world. What a gift, man. But anyway, Obama still gets good marks. And I’d love to see if this guy really can be at the forefront of issuing in a new era of government. Wow, wouldn’t that just blow everyone away. But I’d sign up to work as part of that government.

I watched this convention mostly because it was so historical and that in and of itself did provide some unexpected inspiration. To see so many women and African Americans on stage, not just as tokens, but as integral party members, was moving. Looked more like my world looks, minus raging queers. In fact, queers seemed suspiciously absent, unless I missed something, which is quite possible. I did find myself having a couple disassociative moments at the end of Obama’s speech when he called for compromises on abortion and gay marriage. A reminder of my still marginal status here in the US, being a dyke and having a uterus. For some reason it made me feel even more pissed and sad coming from the mouth of someone who should understand how much it sucks to be marginalized. I get it though. It’s about the economy and the war and global warming and I don’t wanna be a wedge issue on either side. Plus, I’m not a one issue voter, even if discrimination against my person, in the form of separate but equal marriage laws is complete and utter bullshit that pisses me off to no end. That’s why the asterisk’s up there. I just wanna say to the Dems, you owe me, ya know.

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proud to be a dem

August 27, 2008

I’ve haven’t watched the Democratic Convention in a while, but man this year even I’ve been inspired. I dunno if it’s all the African American faces and the old school soul music or all the women on stage, but I’m almost moved to hope. Hillary gave a great speech last night. And Michelle Obama rocked the house the night before. Ted Kennedy wasn’t too shabby either. I keep waiting for a big butch dyke to get up there, but that’s another 10 or 20 years off. Still I did hear Hillary say gay rights last night.



August 27, 2008

Last year I was the same age as my dad was when my parents got divorced. I thought that was significant. But nothing special happened. I’m a year older now and the other night at a party I met a girl who has the same name as my dad’s last wife. We talked for a while.  She laughed at my stories. It was a fine evening.

Mostly, things just happen, ya know.  Meaning comes from the inside.

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August 22, 2008

Maybe you will like them too:

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seeing other people

August 19, 2008

I had so much social activity this weekend I got over stimulated. I think the last time I saw this many people in so few days was the wedding, and it’s different with old friends, when you can just lay down on the floor and bullshit and watch folks fall asleep. Not that I’m complaining; it was good. I’m glad for the chances to connect. And it reminds me I’ve always navigated lots of different groups of people and I like that. I like that about myself and I like knowing a lot of people who wouldn’t necessarily know each other.

I just read David Foster Wallace’s essay on the Illinois State Fair, “getting away from already pretty much being away from it all“. I laughed out loud and I recommend it especially if you’re of the mind that he’s poking fun out of a reluctant love for the midwest. No, I’m not in a rush to go out and breeze through Infinite Jest, but I do have new affection for DFW, who before I could never get into.


music for getting my guy on

August 15, 2008

Don’t ask me to explain in any detail cause this isn’t an intellectual endeavor, it’s more experiential, but I suppose it does say something about the kinda guy I am. First, there’s Al Green. And then of course there’s some Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley and James Brown. Oh and the longing of Chet Baker. And as one would expect there are songs by the the Who, the Kinks, the Pixies, the Beatles, Velvet Uuderground and even the Beach Boys (apologies go out to a certain girl that I’m not including the Doors or Stones here) plus a whole smattering of stuff from 70’s AM radio.  But man oh man, I was surprised, way surprised, to hear Glen Campbell last night and have a moment of getting my guy on. Tapped right into something prehistoric, prehistoric in relation to my own personal history.


butch in the world

August 14, 2008

I’m still trying to figure out how to explain to you all what it means to be butch. Well maybe not to all of you since there is at least this one girl who gets it. But that’s what happens when the thing you desire is so rare; you hone your skills to detect the subtleties of it all – the things that make a butch be butch. And she’s got a sharp and practiced eye. So a femme, like this girl, reading those things in me, it kinda changes everything. For one thing, I’m not living in exile when I’m talking to her. And neither is she. The world is ours for a second or two. Ok, maybe an hour. Alright, alright, there was this one day. And for another thing, it can be hot. She knows what she’s looking for and she’s looking for those things in me. And she knows I’m looking back.

But mostly being read as butch is a stealth endeavor. Not being read as a big dyke mind you; cause that’s easy. I could do that in my sleep. You’d see me and say there’s a a big sleeping dyke. The obvious point being that I’m obvious. I stick out. If you’ve never met a dyke before, you’re pretty sure that have after meeting me. Believe me, I’ve seen the look in plenty of parents’ faces to know how it works.

I recently heard that this guy I like referred to me as a bull dagger, which I took as a compliment, even if it was a little outdated. But it said to me that maybe he was reading me as butch. And mostly it’s more of an unspoken exchange between me and and the larger world, including many of you. Although, I’ve considered that maybe many of you, being the polite midwesterners you are, would just never call me butch to my face. But now you know you can, cause that’s what I am.

And really you’ve been validating that all along. Maybe just not bringing it to consciousness, like all the guys at every airport I’ve been to this year who’ve called me sir. But remember when we all played racquetball and you didn’t let up one bit. I swear to god, Jim nearly broke my rib going for a ball once, not that he meant to. He just wanted to beat me. Or maybe we’ve cruised girls together or more likely we’ve flirted (among other things) with same ones. There’s additional things too, but they are more nuanced, more like head nods, jokes, raised eyebrows and such. And then there are perfect moments when one of you straight girls has asked me to move something for you or put something together or got me to comment on your cleavage.

I fear I’m lapsing into cliche again. I dunnno, you all can tell me if you care to. Maybe I can’t describe it; maybe it’s all so experiential. Hmm. Or maybe I’m just trying too hard to explain that being butch is just being a different kinda guy. Either way, the challenge of it is making me think of the crazy gymnastics queer girls go through to get read as femme.

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August 12, 2008

Twice I’ve gone out to the farm in the last 3 or 4 months and something in being there tugs at me. I dunno if it’s how it reminds me of home or camp or maybe I’ve got some kind of farming fetish. I was thinking last night that there’s something about the character of nature on small farms. There’s some about the generosity of working land. And sitting there yesterday, sitting in the little farm office over looking the fields was as beautiful as any view of Mt Hood.

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booked out

August 8, 2008

I started thinning things out last night, tackled my book shelves first. I’m hoping to sell some of these tomes at Powells, but I imagine a fair number will go to Goodwill, like my torn up copies of Lord of the Rings trilogy. Sorry guys, they just didn’t make the cut for me. I’m finally parting with Sisterhood is Powerful, The Women’s Room and Lesbian Woman. I don’t know why I’ve held onto such titles all these years. Maybe it’s because reading them felt like a rite of passage. But I doubt I’ve cracked one of the covers since sometime back in the early 80’s. To think I even moved them across the country.


a good writer is lovely thing

August 7, 2008

I recently discovered Wendell Berry and was quite moved by his writing. This from a Harper’s article that could be described as commentary oh human greed: We are, in short, coming under pressure to understand ourselves as limited creatures in a limited world.

And this from Daniel Mendelsohn, who last year became one of my new favorite writers: I know a man, a handsome young man with an agile mind and a brilliant professional career, who has sex with a different stranger every night, if at all possible.

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