there she goes

April 25, 2012

There go the vitamins and the Volvo and some pots and pans and dishes and the rug upstairs that I always thought was more expensive than it is and the flatware and the olive wood spatulas and the coffee grinder and the box of 1000 receipts and the yoga mats and meditation cushions and just about everything in the 2nd story closet and bathroom, including copious amounts of boots and shoes. It is amazing all the things you can and cannot pack into a Volvo station wagon and then repack the next day to try to gain some visibility. It definitely was sitting lower in the back when she drove off.

I will miss you, RU. More than I can ever really express or probably want to express here. Although I’m sure at times I will try. You have been part of my everyday life, on and off, for almost 10 years. And even in the off time, you were part of my every week life, except for about 4 weeks when we didn’t talk or email or text at all, and that seemed like an eternity. I will miss being part of your every day life, too. It is amazing how much the every things have been so impactful in a good way. I don’t think impactful is a word.

Yes, change is constant. Nothing stays the same. Things come and go. Right. I know all of that. I believe all of that. And still I am a little stunned by the experience of it. I think that’s right though, the stunnedness. Especially because I can shut down.

I miss you right now and you’ve only been gone for about 5 hours. Be safe. Be well. I will see you soon and then I can miss you all over again.


la woman

January 7, 2011

ru rock star

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There’s a couple of pics of RU in this batch that turned out pretty good.

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air born

December 3, 2010

ru in air

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Last Saturday RU and I walked from our house to downtown and then up and over to northwest, which is a pretty good distance, at least the route we took. I bet it was over 6 miles. We checked out a few art shows that were still pulling in folks on their last weekend. We took the bus home. Waiting at the stop I tried to get shots or RU jumping and I think this is her in mid-air.

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a month later

March 29, 2010

RU just finished her month long silent meditation retreat. It’s a big deal. Maybe the most intense experience in a journey she’s been on ever since I’ve known her. I feel lucky to know that part of her. Ru’s always shared that part with me, even if I’ve not completely understood because I’m not a practitioner myself. It’s really not my journey to talk about  though. It’s RU’s and I want to respect that. But what I can can say is that I got to talk to RU, after a month of not talking to her at all, and wow, that was the best part of my day.

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