ride home

August 28, 2019

High temps and head winds. It’s like the whole ride home was uphill. Phew. At least it wasn’t windy on the ride in to work. When it’s a hard ride in, then there is an added component of dread to contend with for the ride home. And dread is like adding lead weights to my legs.

Tonight’s ride home was the second time I hooked up my mini bluetooth speaker at the start of my ride, right out of the bike corral. When I first started riding with my mini JBL this summer, on evening work commutes, I would wait until I was clear of the heavier bike traffic to pull over and turn on my Bike Jams play list. Just feeling a little self-conscious about drawing more attention to myself, which I decided was ridiculous, given who I am. Just walking into a bathroom, I draw attention to myself. So jamming out from the start of my commute home, even if it does turn heads.

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