after work

October 6, 2021

Started off with my two favorite fishnets: Liza and Tim Curry. Then it was on to Jonathan Groff for campiness. Aretha for authenticity. Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak in Silk Sonice for the love of a fan. And Brittany because fuck you misogyny.

It wasn’t a plan. Others were in the rotation, there was some Janet and Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson. Did you know Prince performed if I was Your Girlfriend on Oprah. I didn’t think I would live in a world without Prince, which sounds dramatic. But Prince was so many things. He defined my coming out part of my life.

Sometimes I go a for a while, as in years, without actively giving two shits about music. I don’t put together playlists or go to shows or get my old records or CDs. I don’t pick up my guitar. I don’t try and write and song. And then I hear something and music door cracks open.

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