proud to be a dem

August 27, 2008

I’ve haven’t watched the Democratic Convention in a while, but man this year even I’ve been inspired. I dunno if it’s all the African American faces and the old school soul music or all the women on stage, but I’m almost moved to hope. Hillary gave a great speech last night. And Michelle Obama rocked the house the night before. Ted Kennedy wasn’t too shabby either. I keep waiting for a big butch dyke to get up there, but that’s another 10 or 20 years off. Still I did hear Hillary say gay rights last night.


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  1. pep says:

    This is the first time ever that I’m genuinely excited about a major candidate. I have some qualms about what compromises and sacrifices Obama has made and will make in the future to get the ‘middle’ vote, but what I’ve seen of him convinces me there’s a real person there who sees the world much the way I do. That combination of hope and pragmatism, combined w/ his ability to electrify people, makes me think we could be on the verge of a major shift in the country, on par w/ the New Deal. W/ renewable energy, the war and terrorism, health care – having someone I agree w/ making decisions and getting public support – it’s like a dream to contemplate. Not that I need much reminder in the Bush era, but my whole life I’ve generally felt so alienated from my government that I’ve unconsciously discounted the idea of feeling any different. How surreal it seems.

    You mentioned the NYer article on Obama, did you mean the Ryan Lizza profile on his Chicago background? I’ve got a question – did you get much sense of why Ald. Preckwinkel was so disillusioned w/ him? Other than a mention of another Chicago pol Obama had declined to endorse (for reasons never given, as I recall – something that stuck out since that same pol was now working for Obama and making positive comments about him), I didn’t come away with much sense of what that was about and was frustrated by the article for giving conclusions without adequately explaining the reasons. Of course, I read it last month and may have forgotten something or been sloppy in my reading.

    Anyway, I’m excited to. Bring that election on!

  2. proteanme says:

    I hear ya Pep. I am feeling cautiously optimistic about the election and he potential for good work to come out of government.

    I didn’t get disillusion so mcuh from thet NYer article and I think we’re talking about the same. What I got out of it was that Obama is a smart and adaptable politician, who quickly figures out systems, alliances and how to work them. And I found myself generally agreeing with Lizza. Obama’s not gonna save us, but he’s still a good choice. I think there was a nice caution there too, to not make this the cult of Obama so that we as citizens don’t throw up our hands when he does what all politicians do, makes compromises.

    I’m feeling out of it. Hope I’m making sense.

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