two moyers and a fritchman

June 21, 2010

2 Moyers and a Fritchman

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I traded in celebrating Pride in Portland to spend time with my family at the coast. That wasn’t the original plan, but long story short, that’s what happened and here we are. Or there we are.

I missed Pride, but not as much as I thought I would and the family time was good. It was the first time my mom, sister and me have been together since my dad died. We are all a little softer with each other these days. There’s more give between us now, which is welcome. We enjoyed one stunning day of sunshine and warm air and then then rain came back in all it’s relentless oppression.

It always seems so poignant to stand anywhere on the Oregon coast, which some people call the beach, but I just can’t because I associate beaches with warm water, sun tan lotion, bikinis, et al, and that is not the shore line in Oregon. Anyway, I stand on the beach and think to myself, I’m standing at some point on the end of the continent. having grown up in the middle of the country, that still seems kind of exotic to me.

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