i can see for miles on miles

July 8, 2010

More blue skies and hot temperatures and I refuse to complain about it. Or listen to complaints about it. Not that they’re not valid, I just don’t have receptive ears. I want to have an all on love affair with summer without having to fend off the naysayers.

Thanks to my friend, Shoshanna, I put in some serious-for-me biking miles last night, which included riding out to St. Johns, crossing over the deck of the bridge and riding back on Hwy 30. And Shoshanna was wearing a dress and flats with a strap! All in all, including my work commutes,  I think I might have ridden about 30 miles or so yesterday, making the pizza at end of the ride well worth it. It’s a pretty stunning view from the deck of the bridge, especially on a night like last night, when it was so clear and there wasn’t much traffic. The best part, though, may have been coming down the hill off the bridge and stopping for hydration in this pull out tucked into the edge of Forest Park. We were immersed into forest’s aroma. It was like diving into the deep end of summer.

I went to bed feeling tired in a good way and slept with the fan facing me.

I count myself lucky on all fronts.

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