January 22, 2011

I’m sitting at a coffee shop in Hood River working on some freelance web projects. RU has gone off to see the monks at the hermitage in White Salmon.

It is remarkably sunny here and the temperature is getting up in the 50’s. It makes me think that when I’m  desperately missing the sun I should drive over here or better yet, a little further east, to The Dalles and get a dose of blue sky.  Today, maybe it’s less pertinent because I know it’s sunny in Portland too. But man, when the sun comes out in winter, I’m so gratefully psyched, even though it reminds me of how much I miss bright sunny days. I miss them in a desperate kind of way, sometimes so much so that I have to keep a lid on it. Or I’m afraid I might go a little crazy. Whatever you’ve heard about how much it rains in Portland, it’s true. And it gives it a damp and mossy kind of gothic feeling. I love how the sun pushes against the dark and chilling part of primeval. Even a cold sunny day can do it.

I’ve been wanting to post about a bunch of things that I’ve been thinking about, like gun control and queer culture and writing code and why some people call themselves DJs but can’t mix to save their lives and how L.A. seems so beautiful and hopeful and horrible and tragic at the same time. I’ve been thinking about empathy and and how hard it is to to show sincerity about real things and why I’ve been humming church hymns to myself. I guess it’s enough to note it for now and maybe I’ll come back to some of it.

Right now I need to decide if I should go for a walk or work or write.

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