almost a another year

May 31, 2011

Tonight we get a sunset we can see. A nice and welcome break from the end of what seems like an eternal spring.

I spent a portion of this long weekend reading (for the first time) Slaughter House Five. I didn’t choose the book because of Memorial day, but I fully appreciate the coincidence, and in that respect, I think it was fitting. Also, now I know why so many folks have told me to read this book. If you’ve never read the book, you should. It will take you less than a day. Afterward you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. I swear that Slaughter House Five should be on a required reading list for being human.

If you like Kurt Vonnegut Jr, you might want to check out this interview.

I got an early start to celebrating my birthday this weekend, with a family dinner, Uris style. It reminded me of all the years I spent celebrating my birthday with my extended family, which meant a lot to me. However the rest of my birthday plays out, last night was pretty perfect.

A bank of clouds, visible form my front window, has turned nearly the color  of fuchsia. We really do get amazing sunsets


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  1. Catarina says:

    If inatomfoirn were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

  2. sildenafil says:

    I just bought a new computer and would like the same settings I have on my other computer. How do I go about doing this? The one thing I want to change in firefox on my new computer is when I type a website in the address bar I would like it to show my history instead of my bookmarks. I changed it before but I can’t remember what I did..

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