day two – same as it ever was (and now the sound of talking heads is looping through your brain)

August 22, 2012

Day two of my 10 day blog challenge and I already wish I wouldn’t have challenged myself. ┬áIts kind of an old story and very much like day two of not eating chocolate or day two of doing sits ups every night or day two of going to bed early or day of writing every day. There have been many days twos that have been immediately followed by starting over at day one again. Except for smoking and thank you RU for helping me with that. If I add it up, I bet I’ve put together at least 3000 non-smoking days, and they would have been consecutive except for a few isolated incidents, like going to this bar in Indy with friends the week I went home when my Dad died.

I think the the difference between me and many ambitious people is not only that they get more things done, obviously, but that they have more day threes, fours and five hundreds than I do. Also maybe ambitious people pay other people to do some of the shit they don’t want want to do, like dusting or mopping the floor, so they can do the shit they feel ambitious about, like writing a book. I feel like I have this worth ethic-long suffering thing about house cleaning, like we should all have to do it and no one should be above washing dishes or running the vacuum. But man, housework really can eat up one’s time. I guess the trick is to live in smaller place with less stuff to take care of and then there will be less time you have to spend on upkeep. Or there’s always the Phyllis Diller philosophy – “Housework can’tkill you. But why tae the chance.”

So I’ve successfully tricked myself into completing day two of my self imposed 10 day challenge. Maybe next time I’ll trick myself by writing about how not writing is one of the hall marks of being a writer


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  2. dg says:

    I have begun hiring young friends to help with my housework. I consider it a pay-it-forward opportunity: when I was young, strong and broke, kind adults of my acquaintance gave me yard work and typing work and so on and helped keep me financially afloat. Now I can offer decent-paying labor on a flexible schedule to some of the students I know, and it helps us both out. Plus then I don’t have to mop, which I loathe, and instead I can fill the too-short hours in ways that nourish me better. I still do the dishes, though.

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