some really nice times and things to be grateful for

October 22, 2012

Woke up to blue sky, which waxed and waned and eventually gave way to the clouds in the afternoon. Should have worked in the yard but instead I rode my bike around and was glad to have my thin wool gloves and headband in my pannier, even if I looked like a complete dork when I ran into EKF on my way out of New Seasons, so much so that we almost didn’t recognize each other, which was funny. I am telling myself that I didn’t do yard work because I am transitioning into winter bike riding, but I don’t know if that’s true. I am also a little burnt out on the yard and am waiting for the final die down before cutting tons of stuff back.

I did try to get fava bean seeds at Portland Nursery earlier in the day, with no luck for the seeds, but instead a serendipitous run in with H + M and the their twins O + G. I walked back with them to their house for a short visit, wherein baby O and I stared at each other and made each other laugh for almost an hour. It was incredibly sweet and I didn’t even mind when she spit up on me. H also didn’t mind that I accidentally tried to steal the caramel apple M bought for her and had toted home on top of O in the stroller, which made for a funny photo opp, as in big ass candy apple on a little baby. So of course we all took pics. Seeing ┬áH+ M and the the twins was the perfect end to a weekend that began perfectly and then stayed full of friend connections and eating some really good food.


2 responses to “some really nice times and things to be grateful for”

  1. Heather says:

    First, it was so nice to run into you. You had been heavy on my mind, so…so nice to look across a crowded apple fest and see your smiling face. thank you for not taking off with my caramel apple- despite your best efforts.

    Second, I’ve had dozens of conversations with you in my head about comfort and queer space and identity and loss and internal restructuring. Would like the chance to have them in person sometime soonish if you are down. Olive is a good listener, but her processing skills are still pretty rudimentary at this point…

  2. proteanme says:

    Yes. Lets get together and talk queer space and identity and whole shebang.

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