get yer freak on

June 17, 2008

Taking a break from writing about darkness and neurosis cause this weekend I got my freak on. It was first weekend for Pedapalooza and it was also Pride here. The two events crossed paths on Saturday when I packed (translation for folks who don’t know what packing means, it means I harnessed up my nice big bendable cock under my pants) and rode my bike down to the Dyke march and then pedaled over to participate in my first Naked Ride. I heard that Portland had about 2600 riders, which means we might have topped out with the biggest ride. Topless dykes in the sunset and bare asses in the moonlight. If Portland’s got one thing going for it, it’s that it’s not uptight about nudity. And while I’m not a naked enthusiast, I think it’s nice to lighten up a bit on our bare bodies. Anyway, a little freedom and a little freakiness – I’m gonna call it a good day.


10 responses to “get yer freak on”

  1. love notes says:

    i wanna go on a naked ride.

  2. pep says:

    i’m a little hung up on the naked ass on the seat part of it. think i’d want to cover it with a towel – but is that gross?

    found this list of good bicycle communities. b-ton is there and obviously portland. but no east coast cities yet. sometimes i daydream about studying civic planning and working to convert our cities to bicycles transportation – a noble pursuit, but not one i’m apt for, most likely.

  3. ned says:

    i was thinking of the bike seats too – at least i don’t want to think about my bike seat after i’d been riding it long sans pants. but i’m sure there are workarounds.

  4. David says:

    Yes I would wear underwear 🙂 – I sweat a lot so I don’t think I would want naked sweaty ass on a bike seat – too much lubrication for a painful accident waiting to happen.

    Anyway while I like to be shirtless and legs showing I like my junk cradled gently in cotton – that false sense of protection I get from a thin layer between my lovelies and a cruel world with lots of sharp pointy things.

    Liz remember when we were walking out of my apartment in Portland and that guy was standing with his stuff by the window (decent size and shape I must say)?

  5. David says:

    Oh by the way I’m very envious of you jackass’s writing – it’s very succinct and yet still thorough. You all (Liz/Peptide/Silvia/Ned) write some pretty slick shit.

  6. liz says:

    for the record i kept my boxers on. i didn’t wanna leave any junk on my seat either. but you guys are in the minority cause most of the p-town dudes were bare assed. torward the end of the ride when our adrenaline was spent and we’d gotten all the cheers we were gonna get, the cold started sinking in and i overheard these guys on this tandem talking to each other. one guy said to other, dude, now i’m just naked. that kinda captured it all on those last couple miles.

    i say come out here next year and do the ride with me silvia and anyone else that wants to be part of something portland actually gets right.

  7. liz says:

    and david i do remember the nude dude in the window. i think he was liking showing off his stuff, not in a creepy way though.

  8. love notes says:

    in truth after i wrote the comment i had the afterthought expressed by pep. i would vote no underwear with a very soft seat. maybe like this one.

    david, you are funny. you are officially the first person to call me me a jackass. made me laugh.

  9. love notes says:

    p.s. liz, thank you for the invite. remind me next year and we’ll see if i’m up for it.

  10. proteanme says:

    once you get to know david well, you’ll find he’s got even better names than jackass. it’s endearing.

    that’s one furry bike seat silvia, but i will keep you in mind for next year.

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