things like feet and and low action

November 12, 2012

Rainy walk in the dark tonight. I had to get some kind of exercise and that was all I could manage. No complaints, though; my day slipped away from me in the nicest way: hanging out with AG, then listening to music and reading. I had planned to ride my bike this morning to meet AG for breakfast, but my plans got derailed last night by the drawing of 12 point buck, talking about guitars, the story of Selena and two pair of feet that look remarkably similar. The feet were a surprise, a sweet one, and unexpected, except that everything that’s happened since September 6th has been just like that. Wonderful and unexpected. And sometimes it seems that the big lesson of these last several months has just been to go on instinct and say “yes.” ┬áTuck my tie in boots and leave my car parked down the street. This is definitely not a thinking thing.


2 responses to “things like feet and and low action”

  1. mtb says:

    JACKPOT! hands. all. the. way. the. fuck. up.

  2. liz says:


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