nature bats last

December 18, 2007

Something else I’ve learned is that nature will kick your ass. Every year since I’ve been here people have gone out into the wilderness and not come back. I cannot count the number of missing hikers, skiers, snow mobilers, backpackers and mountain climbers that get lost, with only a lucky few getting found.

Last summer Bec came out here for a short backpack trip up Mt. Jefferson, and in a sad coincidence, at the same time, a young lady who worked at a resort near Jefferson’s base was lost on the mountain. She’d gone out alone for a hike, started back too late, and then got caught in the dark. One of the lucky few – she found her way out about 3 days later, which was after we’d come down. On our way up, we ran into rangers on foot and on horseback searching for her, and it was eerie being up there in our tent in the cold and rain, thinking about her.

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