August 1, 2008

I’m confused and not feeling very sure about this process I am in. It is unlikely that ‘this process’ is really some finite thing with an ending marked by an event, like moving or embarking on a new career or getting married, etc. I’m worried that I’m fooling myself by talking about places and people being better fits when maybe really I’m just looking for some kind of answer, when an answer really doesn’t exist. I dunno that I am making any sense except to myself and maybe this is all a bunch of self indulgent clap trap and I should just find work that is aimed at alleviating other people’s suffering.


2 responses to “lost”

  1. David says:

    I don’t think the answer does exist – I think certain things ‘fit’ better but there are no answers – IMHO – I’m just searching for the best fit but trying to stay open to the fringe because comfy can be a dangerous way to live – to easy to stop growing.

  2. proteanme says:

    i completely agree that there is no answer, which irritates the crap outta me. in fact, i’m railing against that right now, which is funny cause i swear i’m just railing to rail.

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