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September 12, 2008

Today, I was asking a colleague (a guy)  in a super straight forward way what was up with a certain meeting invite and our new graphic designer (a girl)  overheard me and joked, “My, you’re sassy.”  How funny.  No one I know calls me sassy. It reminds me of how wait people will call me miss or lady, to which I always wanna respond something like, “I’ll tip you extra if you never say that to me again.”

It’s all these little things that add up to being read or not as butch.  Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, like getting the double take when I use the women’s restroom.  Sometimes it’s flattering, like the straight girl at the wedding party who can’t stop touching me when she when she wants to make a point.  Sometimes it awkward, like negotiating for service when I’ve gone shopping for a nice men’s suit.  But sometimes it’s just right, though, some girl will say or do just the right thing or some other butch will gimme the nod or bond with me over heartbreak and getting older.

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