morons vote too

September 18, 2008

Thinking of Palin using a yahoo account to conduct state business — it’s just wrong on so many levels.  And all of the sudden I’m worried that the great mass of morons will want to elect another moron into office. I’m never been convinced that the popular vote is a good thing when running a government and this just adds fuel to the fire on that note.


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  1. peptide says:

    But what’s the alternative to popular vote? It’s disturbing to see people zestfully embrace lies and cruelty (how else to describe the anti-queer agenda of the GOP?), but imagine a Dick Cheney-style government from above unfettered by public say – total nightmare. That Churchill quote is such a cliche, but still true: democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the other options.
    We’re a truly flawed species, but that’s the price of so much freedom (by which I mean mental capacity, not the conditions of one nation or another).
    Palin’s numbers are dropping the more people learn about her. As nail-biting as it feels now, I have this notion that we’ll look back as though Obama had it sewed up and how could we’ve ever thought McCain would win. And that part of me is almost glad he picked Palin. Send the GOP down the wrong road for a pretty face – the lies and malfeasance are so unavoidable with her record, it’s staggering.

  2. proteanme says:

    I don’t have an alternative. I really don’t. I like the Churchill quote. Rings so true. I like your talk of confidence Pep. We’ll find out soon enough if you’re right and I sure hope you are.

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