thank you

November 27, 2008

So quiet here. Amazing. I went for a walk and took a bunch of pictures. I live on the cusp of a swanky neighborhood, bordered by a small commercial district and within a few blocks from a middle school. Typical urban scene in Portland where city living is high density. But it always reminds me a snapshot of history. Urban life before the sprawl of the fifties. It really is one of the best things about Portland — how high density packs us in and makes us all live together.  I felt grateful for the pleasure of walking for ten or twenty blocks surrounded by trees and old buildings and gardens and old homes. Lucky, even.

I have been missing Indiana lately. Missing all the things that add up to home. I want to send a special note to all my Hoosiers, including the expats, like Martha and Pep, that you are on my mind often and I wish I could see you all with much more frequency. And Pep even though I know you’re not from Indiana, because of how I know you you’ll always be a Hooiser to me, which I mean as the highest compliment. I feel awfully lucky to count you all as friends.

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  1. JimA says:

    Right back atcha!

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