another day at home

December 23, 2008

It’s crazy here. Not a crazy amount of snow by most standards, but crazy for Portland Oregon.  There must be at least a foot in most places. Maybe more. This is my second day of being mostly home bound, although I just walked to get coffee and will probably trek my movies back to the video store. In the minute or two since I started my post, it started snowing again.

Since I came back from the east coast I’ve been dabbling with a state of “junk”. Spending more time shopping online, but not buying anything. Just filling up carts and abandoning them. Eating more crap food than usual – chips, soda, cookies, cereal, even the old stand by from my childhood — spaghetti-o’s.  I look at the weights in my room and maybe once or twice a week I don’t take my laziness seriously and I lift them. But mostly, I feel like a teenager rebelling against doing anything productive, even as I tackle some productive tasks, like taking stuff to Goodwill, clearing out the paper mill that accumulated from a couple years worth of personal records shoved in piles, deep cleaning parts of my apartment, recording some new music which I might post later this week. It’s just something inside feels off and askew, which I’m trying to be curious about.

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