day five and six

January 23, 2009

On day five, I called a bunch of places with my dad’s SS#, but it wasn’t the right SS# number. Nice. Day six, I tried to call a couple of those places back, like the VA, and the call volume was so high the computer generated voice told me to call back. I’ve always hated automated phone scripts, but right now I find them particularly soul sucking. Yesterday when I called Social Security Admin, I went through this inane exchange where I kept saying my dad’s name and spelling it and the phone system kept getting it wrong. I would say Truman then spell it out, t-r-u-m-a-n, and the computer would say Tree and spell it back t-r-e-e. That sucked.

Day five was also marked by a marathon family phone conference, complete with all the things that seem normal when someone dies in a fire without leaving behind any instructions, recaps of calls with Sheriffs, Fire Marshalls and Coroners, debating different funeral plans, the random exchange of memories, doling out new tasks and scheduling the next call.

Day sisx, today, I woke up feeling sick. Went to work. Came home and tried to sleep. Without luck. I really, realy, hate throwing up. I hope I don’t.

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