shopping with the foxes

January 7, 2008

I love grocery shopping, in part because of how much I love food and cooking, but also in part because Portland is home to the best local grocery chain I’ve ever had the pleasure of shopping at. New Seasons rocks it because they are friendly, they support local farmers, offer organics as well items like Coke and Oreos, employ a knowledgeable staff who can make good recommendations about what’s in season, what wines go with what, etc, and are more than happy to let you sample all sorts of stuff. I had an interview there a number of years back and could have had the job, except it was more technical support for electronic devices like scales, card swipes and registers than it was web development. So it wasn’t a good match. Anyway back to today. It was an especially nice excursion because it appeared to be foxy lady shopping day. Good lord, it was impossible not to be distracted by the wide variety of hot women in nearly every aisle. I’m not even sure I got all the items on my list, but I don’t care as I rode home happy nonetheless.


4 responses to “shopping with the foxes”

  1. ned says:

    i like grocery shopping too – especially on foxy lady shopping day.

  2. proteanme says:

    i’d go so far as saying i wish i could work at the grocery store on foxy lady shopping day. hell, i’d volunteer.

  3. JimmyR says:

    There are lots of reasons to shop at Target over Walmart. One of them is that it is quite often Foxy Lady Shopping Day at Target. It is NEVER FLSD at Walmart.

  4. proteanme says:

    Too bad there’s not some kinda google mashup for FLSD. Then I’d no where to go in town.

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