the big apple

August 18, 2009

About a month ago I went to NYC with RU. It was the first time I’ve taken more than a long weekend off work since I went to Paris. I’m not counting the week I had to go home to attend to my dad’s death. We stayed in Brooklyn. Everyday we walked so much that by the time evening came around we were almost always too tired to do much more. But we did. Sometimes. Like the night we went to see some live theater in the East Village. The guy that took our tickets said we were the cutest ones there. But he was a flirt; plus, there barely anyone had taken seats yet. We ate some first rate Chinese food, tried various takes on bahn mi but Nicky’s is still my favorite, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, saw the Francis Bacon retrospective at the met, went to H & M, walked around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, checked out the High Line, rode the subway, got ignored by all Hasids in South Williamsburg, explored Park Slope, tried to see a cool dance show in the rain but ended up just seeing lightning bugs, which i miss, and ate some awesome bagels. When we flew out I remember looking back at the city as we ascended. It’s a human Grand Canyon. The spectacle of a mountain, but made by hands. It’s like we all got together and said “look what we can do”.


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