September 10, 2009

I’ve been thinking about the upcoming trip home for Ned and Kristi’s wedding. I haven’t been home in the fall since I moved here and I wonder if I’ll notice the leaves and the crisp air as much as I have the snow when I’ve come back in the winter or the humidity when I’ve been back in the summer.

I like the idea of making such a grand statement in the fall, or at least the fall in Indiana, when the chances are things will be colorful and friends and family won’t be sticking to their clothes which will in turn be sticking to their chairs. But more than that, I like the idea gathering together the things that are important to a person before the winter sets in. It’s a kind of romantic notion about storing up to face the winter together.

I like weddings. I especially like the one’s of folks for whom I have lots of affection. Clint and Kelly’s ceremony was so moving. As was Pat and Rachel’s. And Jim is a toastmaster extraordinaire — such a pleasure. I feel lucky to be included in Ned and Kristi’s big event. Please make me tear up. Seriously. I can be super sentimental.

It’s funny to be writing about a wedding but mostly talking about myself, which is one of the downfalls about blogging for me. Me, me, me, me. Need I say more more?

I miss Ned on the blog, but I’ll trade in his absence for knowing that there are these really wonderful things happening in his life. Here’s to you, buddy.


2 responses to “nuptuating”

  1. ned says:

    Really wonderful, life-changing things indeed. Summing it up in a few paragraphs is overwhelming, and therefore is my latest excuse for lack of posts, even as I find myself thinking often, “I should make a note of this, this is an important moment, these are important times in my life.” It’ll good to see you in person, Liz.

  2. liz says:

    It’s enough really to know that your life is taking a really wonderful and profound turn, my friend. Seriously. It will be good to see you too. And good to meet your new family And your old one.

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