nine eleven

September 11, 2009

I have two friend’s who’s birthdays are today. Happy birthday Adele. And happy birthday Toby. I only remember it’s their birthdays because it’s also 9/11, which seems deeply unfair. But I am horrible with birthdays.  I can barely remember the dates of my immediate family members’. This year I was sure I had almost missed my niece’s birthday and I called her in a panic , at which point my sister told me it was the next day, promptly causing me to space it out again for another 24 hours, until the same time the next evening, repeating the same panicked call.. The birth dates of friends, even my oldest and closest , I’m sorry, forget about it.

But it was 9/11 I had set out to alk about.

I really love New York. There’s no place like it. And when I think of 9/11, I mostly think of New York, not that I have forgotten the Pentagon or the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, but the images from New York weigh heavy on my mind. I saw the WTC site this year, which was the first time for me. There’s still nothing there. I knew that, but to see the great big fenced off nothingness in person is different. My friend Amy’s dad, a native New Yorker, says we should have put something just as big up right away,  a massive gesture to say “screw you, you lousy terrorists.” But we didn’t. We didn’t because politics and greed have trumped everything else. Human fucking foibles.

At best, I can only  guess at the trauma and grief folks have endured because of 9/11. The reach of it is so long when you look at at Iraq and Afghanistan. Jesus. 8 years later. The suffering is just fucking immeasurable.

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