oh joy

October 8, 2009


There is joy even when you’re grieving. Sometimes right in the midst of it, like at the funeral. And sometimes right along side it, like when a friend has a baby and you meet him for the first time and he smiles at you. Or another friend gets married and you fly home and gather around with a bunch of other friends to say “right the fuck on.”

I was sitting with Kate watching Ned and Kristi dance their first dance and wondering what were they talking about up there. We speculated for a little bit and then lapsed into, well, I can’t speak for Kate, but I lapsed into something like delight. Because Ned looked so damn happy.

I’m not sure Ned left Kristi’s side for more than a few minutes the whole night. I remember saying to Pat and Rachel when we were flying home that it felt like Ned had been waiting his whole life to love someone the way he loves Kristi and he just wasn’t gonna hold back.

It’s something else, man. I’m so glad i got to be there.

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  1. ned says:

    Hi Liz – spot on observations! I wish we had more time to hang out while you were here. Thanks again for coming, it meant a lot for me that you were there on such a special day for me.

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