making even a small difference

January 9, 2008

Following up on my so many questions post . . . last year in an effort to create a little meaning in my life I decided to explore volunteer and service opportunities. I did some set up and strike at PICA’s Time Based Art Festival and learned about theater geeks, I did some data entry for NARAL and mostly learned about the lives of the two women who’s office I happened to be sitting outside of, and then I landed on my regular gig, a monthly envelope stuffing for the BTA. Besides being a cause near and dear to my heart, I like this gig because the activity is super organized and the group always gets things done; plus it gets me on my bike on Saturdays, which is a struggle in this weather.

Tomorrow I’m participating for the first time in one of my company’s days of service. We’ll be contributing to the flood relief effort for the folks of Vernonia. Guess I’m getting my onus on. Hello onus.

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