aural fixation

June 3, 2010

I’ve had the headphones on a lot at work lately. Today started with Al Green, which is my default setting when I can’t figure out what I want to listen to. After that I let a random sampling of singles play, including the April March’es Chic Habit, which makes me feel like a letch, although maybe I feel that way for other reasons, Annie’s Chewing Gum, which I’ve never gotten tired of hearing, The Antler’s Bear, which I always forget how much I like, and Aretha doing Until You Come Back to Me, which reminds me why I love a divas.

As a late bday gift to myself I got RU and myself tix to go see Sharon Jones. I’ve not been to a show in a while and I can’t think of a better way to break the live music fast than some old school soul. If you’ve never seen Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, you are missing a show and I mean a show with a capital “S.” Sharon has tapped into the energy of James Brown and Little Richard and the Dap Kings are the reincarnation of a Motown studio band.

I was helping a friend move the other day and giving a ride to this super nice 20 something year old. We were listening to¬† my 2009 fave playlist and she said “I think I want to steal you Ipod.” I was pleased as punch, secretly, of course. I wish I could say it was about making a connection through music, but at the moment it was about having my tastes affirmed. I am self-indulgent.

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