you can’t market to this

July 30, 2010

A random list of things that some of my friends find hot.

  • The uni-brow
  • A gap in the front teeth
  • Hands
  • Hairy legs
  • Mustaches on femmes
  • Musky body odor
  • Goofy social awkwardness
  • A book in the back pocket
  • Dimples above the butt
  • Authentic nerdiness

And a few of my own

  • Over bites
  • Big noses
  • Sitting close and touching legs
  • Eye contact
  • Painted toe nails pushing through the open toe of shoes with a heel
  • Bare skin that is usually covered during colder weather
  • Following the proper etiquette for using a fork and knife Continental or European style
  • Messy long hair pulled up off the neck onto the back of the head, especially when strand are tucked behind the ear
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