what i’ve done during limbo

August 13, 2010

The time in between my old job and my new job is winding down and I’m feeling a little wistful for it already, wishing I could have stretched it out a bit longer or at least long enough to spend a couple afternoons doing nothing but hanging out in the hammock an reading. If only my brain wasn’t so tweaked for endless anticipation and rumination . . .I did get a bunch of stuff done though, practical shit like replacing the chain and cassette on my bike and I got to visit with my sister and niece too. Plus I a took trip with RU to Oregon’s outback. We saw shooting stars, an owl, some pelicans, lots of cows, goats, horses and chipmunks. We soaked in a natural hotspring, camped near an active volcano, and tried to find Oregon’s only geyser, which seems to have gone missing. We visited a tuff ring that is set in what was once a prehistoric sea. We hiked around Oregon’s youngest obsidian flow where in 1964 astronaut R. Walter Cunningham tested the mobility of a moon-suit. And we got caught in little traffic jam in downtown Bend. A rancher riding his horse said hello to us, a fisherman warned us it was going to get down in the 40’s the night we camped and we me these two guys that drive shuttles from Corvallis, Eugene, Salem and Albany to and from the Portland and San Fancisco Airports (whew).

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