if a tree falls…

February 12, 2008

And no one’s around to dig the sound.

I made a mixed cd for a new friend, carefully culled from end-of-year favorite lists I’ve maintained over the last 5 or 6 years. (My lists not only include stuff that was released in a given year, but also whatever I happened to be listening to a lot that year, which is why Under Pressure made the cut) The mix went through a couple iterations, but with the final tweak in place I came up with a great idea for a cover that looked pretty fucking cool and was also a personal nod to my new friend. And after the final listen when I popped the cd in its case I’m thought to myself . . . perfect. My new friend seemed genuinely happy when I handed it over.

A couple of weeks pass. I’m chatting with said friend. I inquire, “How’d you like that cd?” She pauses, her eyes look down just a little and she answers, “I think we have different taste in music.” I’m sure I must have tipped my head to the side as I thought over my response, if for no other reason than being thrown off balance by the weight of the shocked and indignant thoughts quickly amassing in my brain. Thoughts like – “What? How can that be? Maybe your taste is broken. Or maybe it’s just neglected. Maybe your taste needs a work out, like a lazy fat guy who doesn’t want to put down and pizza and turn off the xbox. Yeah, maybe my taste should be your taste’s trainer, your taste’s sifu, because I have phenomenal taste in music. So much so that I should instruct you in what you should be listening to. C’mon my taste is so cool it should kick your taste in the fucking ass. Right, ass. . .right, don’t be an asshole here. Liz, you’re on the verge of being an obnoxious, pretentious asshole. Good lord, she can listen to whatever she wants, who cares?” You might be happy to know, I ended up saying something, like “What gracious reply”. We’d been talking about being gracious earlier.


4 responses to “if a tree falls…”

  1. ned says:

    hey, leave my pizza/xbox habits alone! 🙂 i was on the other end of a similar situation recently, had to admit to someone that the singer they liked didn’t do much for me. but i also plan to give them another shot, since first impressions don’t always do music justice. what music does your friend like? i assume that was the next stage of the conversation…

  2. proteanme says:

    besides briefly mentioning the pixies and r.e.m., she didn’t offer up a lot. i think in the end we agreed we’re not gonna connect over music.

    ok, so instead of pizza and xbox, i should have picked taco bell and people magazine.

  3. ned says:

    great, now you’re knocking my bathroom reading. you should try ‘tricking’ her into listening to your stuff by having the stereo pre-programmed and set low when you hang out. 🙂 and if you’ve still got that cd song-list, i’d take a listen. no promises on us having the same taste in music, of course…

  4. proteanme says:

    dang it i can’t get a break with you 🙂

    if you want i’ll burn and mail the cd to you. who deosn’t love getting mail. email me your address.

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