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October 28, 2010

My dad died in a house fire and he also horded stuff, including trash. Going in his house was kind of nightmare. The week my sister K and I came home to deal with everything, we went over to his house almost every day, but I only went in it twice. One of those times was with K. She stayed about 5 minutes before the horror of the whole thing got to her.

The other night I was thinking of the things I found when I went through his dresser drawers and his closet. I was thinking of what I didn’t find too.

Things I found:

  • black and white photos of the girl he fell in love with when he was stationed in China after Japan surrendered in WW2
  • three Indiana National Guard dog tags
  • color photos of artillery guns, maybe howitzers
  • notices from the IRS
  • expired Life Insurance policies
  • Indiana National Guard service medals and certificates
  • A letter from his half brother written in 1973 telling him his dad had died
  • His Marine Service Uniform which dates back to 1946
  • His Indiana National Gaurd which dates back to the mid-80’s
  • A photo of his dog
  • A roll of film he had developed with lots of photos of horses in a corral, especially this one grayish white horse and a couple shots of some ducks
  • A handful of books on sailing and building boats
  • Medals from races he completed and some where he won his age group

Things I didn’t find:

  • a wedding ring
  • photos of me or my sister
  • photos of his last wife or her kids
  • bank statements
  • extra car keys
  • checkbook
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