November 8, 2010

Dorencbecher in mist

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This is what it looked like last Tuesday up where I work. No matter what window I looked out, it was thick with mist every where, like a loose fitting cloud bank had draped itself over the campus. I wouldn’t call it magical, but it was a little other worldly. I had a hard time concentrating on getting my work done; I wanted to check out the ghost world from as many vantage points as I could. I guess it’s a result of the micro climate of the West Hills where OHSU sits at about 500 feet elevation – twice the height of good old Paoli Peaks. By the way, did anyone ever go there? If I remember right, there was a ski club at IU and they planned trips to Paoli Peaks, but even then, before I moved to Portland, skiing in Indiana seemed kinda silly. But I’m digressing. The mist gave way to sun shine in the afternoon and I got to ride home in an unusual blast of warm fall air. I’m getting more settled in at my new job, but I hope I never get so accustomed to it that I don’t notice the amazing stuff outside my window.

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